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AIDS HIV Drugs is a free information site for HIV/AIDS. Originally founded to provide basic information on the vast amount of medications becoming available to treat HIV, AIDS Drugs has expanded to cover many topics. Topics covered include HIV medication list, HIV symptoms, HIV treatment, and other related HIV information. The information provided here should be used as a reference and should not be treated as a medical authority. We continually strive to update our site regularly with fresh information and do everything possible to ensure the information is as accurate as possible.

Just Diagnosed

If you were just diagnosed with HIV you need to first realize this is not any kind of death sentence nor does it mean your life is over. You need to take your disease face on and you can be successful at controlling HIV. You need to begin to get a handle on your situation so you can decide if you should begin HIV treatment, and you need to be seeking out a doctor who specializes in HIV.

Your Doctor

Try to find a doctor who you are very comfortable with and you absolutely must find someone who specializes in treating HIV. The relationship you have with your doctor is critical to both your health and how difficult it is to manage HIV. You should be entirely comfortable with your doctor, if you don't like him/her then get rid of them and find someone else. If you need help finding a doctor there are lots of organizations both local and international that can help you. A good way to do this is by visiting a local HIV clinic or talk with your current GP (general practitioner). Once you get a appointment with your doctor you will have blood draw (get used to it), and your doctor will determine whether or not your infection is advanced enough to start using HIV medication.

Get Educated

Constantly educate yourself about HIV and read the news. It is very important to have a firm understanding of HIV and current developments in the treatment of HIV. Ask your doctor questions as you learn more or want to know about different lines of treatment. Depending on how much you know already you may want to review some HIV basics or start reading about various treatments for HIV. This task of getting educated about HIV never ends and the more you learn the more empowered you will feel to fight this disease.

Don't Take Chances

Don't ever skip your doses and always try to stay with your regimen. It is critical to stay to your drug regimen exactly in order to avoid the development of drug resistant viruses. Having HIV doesn't mean that you can have unprotected sex or that what you do with your health no longer matters. Having HIV means that all of these things become more important.

Don't Lose Hope

Join a support group for those infected with HIV and always try to stay as positive as you can be. There are new treatments ever day in development for fighting HIV and our current treatments are very effective in controlling the progression of AIDS. Get motivated to be active, eat well, and be healthy in order to maintain a positive attitude; it will make a huge difference in your quality of life.